Jersey and Retro Sneaker

Best Throwback Jersey and Retro Sneaker Combinations for Your Daily Style

Retro sneakers are gaining more attention these days, as well as throwback jerseys due to the increasing use of old styles within the team jerseys on MLB, NBA, and NFL. To keep up with this fashion trends, especially for basketball fans, in this article, we will give you some suggestions about combining the top retro sneakers and vintage jerseys for your everyday styles. Note that some items are pretty rare, so you may have to spend more money on it.

In the list below, you can read some of the recommended combination of jersey and sneaker for your daily fashion.

Vince Carter Toronto Raptor Home Jersey with Air Jordan VII Raptor: this combination is one of the best jersey/sneaker combination in the world. Nothing can beat the cool, completely grown velociraptor dribbling a ball on your jersey design. With the stunning Air Jordan VII sneakers, people will randomly high five you wherever you go because it makes you the coolest guy on the street.

Shawn Kemp Cleveland Cavaliers Away Jersey with Air Jordan IV Cavs: Shawn Kemp used to be a great basketball player before he settled down and gained weight. Starting his stardom in 1997 after Cleveland brought him from Seattle, this man immediately became the leading scorer of the team and cemented his career. The mix of blue and black on this jersey, combined with the similar color tones of Air Jordan IV Cavs, you will surely rock the style on the street.

Allen Iverson Philadelphia 76ers Black Away Jersey with Reebok Answer IV: for those who love monochromatic style, this combination of sneakers and jersey can be a great option to start your day. As one among the most notable basketball sneakers within recent decade, Rebook Answer IV will definitely bring a stylish and cool looks for your overall style. This combination will give a retro feeling without looking dull.

Patrick Ewing Knicks Home Jersey with Ewing Athletic 33 Hi Blue/White: the sneakers have been receiving a lot of demands since its release and this model, specifically, is very exclusive. It can be hard to find the authentic model with a reasonable price. However, if you do find one, you can match it with the real Ewing Knicks jersey. This combination will make you feel like you are the most special person on the street thanks to the exclusiveness of these items.

Ken Griffey Jr. Seattle Mariners Teal Alternate Jersey with Nike Air Griffey Max 1 Home Run Derby: if you wish to wear something that will bring a cooler style, the vintage Griffey jersey with teal color will surely be the best option. Combined with unique design of Nike Griffey, it will boast a vintage feels on your apparels, which becomes a huge trend these days.
The paragraph above already give brief explanations regarding some of the best jersey and sneakers combination for your daily fashion. There are still a lot of other good combinations you can try, but those mentioned above are some of the most recommended one to steal the show.