Fashion style for The Skinny Body

Fashion style for The Skinny BodyFashion style for The Skinny Body – Fashion style at this time is very attention and indeed must follow the times.

Usually the latest fashion style comes fromĀ or on social media like Instagram or Facebook. Usually they will show a trendy fashion at this time, ranging from casual to formal.

There is a fashion style commonly used by women who have lean or thin body:
1. You can wearing clothes with two-piece model because it is better than the one-piece model because the two-piece model makes the body look more contained,
2. If you want to use a dress, wear a dress that suits your body size. Do not be too tight and do not be too loose. Highlight body shape like shoulder, chest, hip and waist,
3. Do not forget to add accessories like a belt in the dress used. The belt worn should be a thin belt to make the body look taller. If using a thick belt, then the body will look shorter,
4. Can also use a blouse, because the blouse is a fairly safe fashion because it is suitable for use by anyone. Do not forget to use a blouse that fits the size of the body, because it makes the body look more proportional,
5. For casual events, can also use t-shirts. T-shirts are used also do not tight T-shirts. Wear T-shirts that fit the size of the body, and also not too loose, because the body will sink,
6. The safest clothes after the blouse is a shirt. This shirt is perfect for anyone in the body. The shirt will make the body visible to contain if the wearer is a thin body owner, and look small if the use is the owner of a fat body or contain,
7. Avoid clothes that have many motives. Wear clothes that have a little motive and also avoid the use of clothes that are too plain that only uses one color only.

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